Caring for Heritage Interiors

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) is a centre of conservation and scientific expertise and services for the preservation of heritage collections integral to historic architecture – collectively defined as "heritage interiors."

CCI provides expert services to custodians of publicly accessible Canadian heritage interiors, except those already preserved under existing Federal Acts, policies or programs that address designation, heritage character, building repair or Federal heritage real property inventories.

CCI also has a mandate to investigate the nature of heritage materials and the processes of deterioration of heritage collections. This involves not only investigation and research into the nature and identity of heritage materials, their technology and mechanisms of deterioration, but also investigations of the underlying causes of instability in building structures that have an impact on heritage art, artifacts and finishes.

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CCI is currently part of a team working on the preservation of key heritage character-defining elements and heritage collections of Canada's Parliament Buildings. The Parliamentary Precinct Branch of Public Works and Government Services Canada is leading the team's work. Learn more about the history of the buildings and the work to preserve their heritage interiors at Parliament Hill – A Treasure to Explore!

CCI's current work on the Parliament Buildings, including the West Block, the adjacent Wellington Building, and the former Bank of Montreal Building, includes investigations, surveys, and technical analyses of original materials in primary heritage interior spaces; risk assessment, packing and transport, and project management during major capital construction; and conservation treatment investigation of significant collections that focus on the dozens of special heritage rooms that will be conserved and restored in 2018 during the rehabilitation of the Centre Block (home to Canada's House of Commons and Senate, and directly linked to the Library of Parliament). The first step in this series of cascading major capital projects is the rehabilitation of the West and East Blocks.

CCI was recently involved with the cleaning and packing of "Regency tent-style" chandeliers, dating from 1840, that hung in the Confederation Room of the West Block. The history of these stunning fixtures is revealed in "A Tale of Six Chandeliers".

Explore the profiles of other heritage collections found on Parliament Hill, like the Wellington Building mosaic which CCI is also helping to preserve.

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