Caring For: Electronic Media

CCI has a variety of print and online resources to help with the care and conservation of electronic media.

CCI Notes

CCI Notes deal with topics of interest to those who care for cultural objects. Intended for a broad audience, CCI Notes offer practical advice about issues and questions related to the care, handling, and storage of cultural objects. Many CCI Notes are illustrated, and provide bibliographies.

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CCI Technical Bulletins and Other Print Publications

Technical Bulletins provide detailed information of a specialized technical nature about selected conservation and care-of-collections topics, current techniques and principles of conservation of use to curators and conservators of cultural artifacts.

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Additional CCI links and information that may be relevant to the care and conservation of electronic media.

Still need help with the care and conservation of heritage objects?

Explore CCI’s Tools for things like measuring light damage, maintaining relative temperature and humidity, packing and shipping artifacts appropriately, and dealing with waterlogged wood.

If you are a heritage institution or heritage professional, you can also request a service, register for training, or contact CCI for conservation advice or assistance. CCI’s mandate is to support the Canadian heritage community in preserving Canada’s heritage collections so they can be accessed by current and future generations.

Members of the general public are encouraged to seek advice from conservators for the care of personal objects. Appraisers can help you with questions concerning the value of your personal objects.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of a personal object, you can contact your local museum. The Canadian Museums Association has an online list of museums across Canada searchable by name or province.