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The Canadian Conservation Institute is a centre of expertise in conservation and conservation science.

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Aboriginal Awareness Week

- is Aboriginal Awareness Week. In recognition, CCI is sharing images of a pictographic treaty record under the joint stewardship of the Pasqua First Nation and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Visit our Facebook page for more.

Asian Heritage Month

CCI is delighted to share the conservation treatment of a large Japanese display cabinet belonging to the Eldon House historic site. Visit our Facebook page to learn more.

Kakabeka Falls

CCI's conservation treatment of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society's Kakabeka Falls painting and frame has been completed. Visit our Facebook page for more.

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CCI News and Highlights

  • CCI Participates in Doors Open Ottawa -

    We invite you to join us at the Canadian Conservation Institute during Doors Open Ottawa on Saturday, from to to explore the fascinating world of conservation and conservation science. Tour CCI laboratories and speak with our conservators and conservation scientists about the work we do to preserve Canada's heritage.

  • CCI’s Strategic Plan for

    CCI is pleased to launch our Strategic Plan for ! The Plan sets out how we will focus our knowledge and expertise to ensure the greatest impact on preservation and access to significant heritage objects and collections in Canada.

  • CCI’s - Workshop Calendar

    CCI's - workshop calendar is now available. Find a great learning opportunity in your region and sign up!

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