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CCI Regional Workshop

Apply to Host a CCI Regional Workshop

The Canadian Conservation Institute is pleased to invite eligible institutions and associations to submit an application to host one of CCI's 16 regional workshops between April 1, 2015, and March 31, 2016. Workshops are each offered at a cost of $750.

Applications must be received no later than January 16, 2015.

Conservation Internships

Application Deadline for Conservation Internships

The Canadian Conservation Institute is pleased to accept applications for Conservation Internships from students enrolled in a post-secondary program leading to a diploma or a degree in conservation or in an acceptable related scientific field. The deadline for applications is December 15, 2014.

CCI's Conservation Research

CCI's Conservation Research

CCI's research and development is driven by the needs of the heritage community in Canada and forms the foundation of CCI's service and knowledge dissemination activities. Visit CCI Research Projects to learn more about the Institute's research projects in conservation treatments and science.

Visit AGO's Alex Colville Exhibition

Visit AGO's Alex Colville Exhibition

CCI completed the conservation treatment of Canadian artist Alex Colville's iconic painting "Horse and Train" in 2006. The painting is featured in the current Art Gallery of Ontario's exhibition on the artist's work and its influence on popular culture. Explore the exhibit in person or online.

The Royal 22e Regiment Turns 100

The Royal 22e Regiment Turns 100

CCI congratulates the Royal 22e Regiment on its 100th anniversary! Watch the documentary The Van Doos, 100 Years with the Royal Regiment and visit CCI's Facebook page for images of objects from the Regiment that have been conserved at CCI.

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CCI News and Highlights

  • CCI Workshops

    CCI Workshops

    This fall or winter find a great learning opportunity in your region! To register, call or email the contact provided in the workshop calendar.

  • Managing heritage collections during floods or other disasters

    Managing heritage collections during floods or other disasters

    CCI offers emergency advice to Canadian museums and heritage institutions dealing with floods or other disasters, and can provide guidance on salvage and recovery of objects and collections. CCI also maintains a list of resources for individuals seeking information on salvaging personal valuables.

  • CCI Publications

    CCI Technical Bulletins and Symposia Proceedings Available Online - FREE!

    CCI is delighted to announce that most CCI Technical Bulletins and all symposia proceedings are now available online for free! New CCI Technical Bulletins will continue to be sold, for a period of five years, on a partial cost recovery basis. After that time, they will also be made available for free.

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