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Flag Day

This year's National Flag of Canada Day marks the 50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada! With a little help from CCI, Canada's first maple leaf flag was returned to Parliament Hill for display during a Flag Day ceremony on , exactly 41 years after it was raised. Visit our Facebook page for more. #Flag50

Chinese Lion Head

CCI recently completed the treatment of this early 20th-century stylized lion head from the Royal BC Museum. Visit our Facebook page for more.


The conservation treatment of the WWII Schutz-Pass is complete. Visit our Facebook page for more about the treatment and visit CBC’s All In A Day to listen to an interview about the pass.

Salome Costume

CCI's conservation treatment of dancer-choreographer Maud Alla's Salome dance costume from the Dance Collection Danse collection has been completed. Visit our Facebook page for more treatment photos.

Coat of Arms

CCI is conserving the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom from the first Parliament of the United Province of Canada. Visit our Facebook page to learn why this coat of arms is so important.

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CCI News and Highlights

  • RE-ORG Ontario Conference on Storage Reorganization

    RE-ORG: Canada (Ontario) - Phase 1 - Getting Started

    The six Ontario museums selected to participate in RE-ORG: Canada (Ontario) have completed Phase 1 of their year-long project of re organizing their storage areas. Visit Phase 1: Getting Started to learn more about what they have accomplished, and find out what they are working towards during Phase 2.

  • CCI's Conservation Research

    CCI's Conservation Research

    CCI's research and development is driven by the needs of the heritage community in Canada and forms the foundation of CCI's service and knowledge dissemination activities. Visit CCI Research Projects to learn more about the Institute's research projects in conservation treatments and science.

  • CCI Publications

    CCI Technical Bulletins and Symposia Proceedings Available Online - FREE!

    CCI is delighted to announce that most CCI Technical Bulletins and all symposia proceedings are now available online for free! New CCI Technical Bulletins will continue to be sold, for a period of five years, on a partial cost recovery basis. After that time, they will also be made available for free.

More News and Highlights


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  • 50th Anniverary of Flag - Share your moment with the Flag!
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