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The Canadian Conservation Institute is a centre of expertise in conservation and conservation science.

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Gothic Ivory Casket

Belonging to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, this circa - Gothic ivory casket was recently treated in CCI's Objects Laboratory. To learn more, visit our Facebook page.

Grand Bend River Scenes

CCI recently completed the conservation treatment of a set of nine photographs belonging to the Lambton Heritage Museum. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about the conservation treatment.

Pocket Watch

A pocket watch recovered from the wreck of the Empress of Ireland and belonging to the Canadian Museum of History was recently radiographed. Visit our Facebook page for more.

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CCI News and Highlights

  • RE-ORG Atlantic Conference on Storage Reorganization

    CCI is pleased to announce a one-day conference on storage reorganization, RE-ORG Atlantic: Adventures in Storage Reorganization, presented in collaboration with the Colchester Historeum, ANSM, MAP, ICCROM and KIK-IRPA.
    Spaces are limited to 30. Apply by .

  • Archaeological Conservation Services in -

    CCI is accepting requests for archaeological conservation services for - - pre-excavation archaeology services and post-excavation archaeology services - as well as requests for conservation field services. To be considered, requests must be received no later than .

  • CCI Notes 2/2: Measurement of Ultraviolet Radiation

    CCI is pleased to announce a new CCI Note, Measurement of Ultraviolet Radiation. This Note discusses different ways to measure UV and provides guidelines to estimate its potential impact on a collection. Refer to the recently updated CCI Notes 2/1 Ultraviolet Filters for further information about UV damage and how to filter UV from a light source. CCI has over 100 Notes in this ever-expanding series. Explore the collection and make use of this great resource.

  • Adhesive Compendium for Conservation

    CCI is delighted to announce that the Adhesive Compendium for Conservation is now available for purchase. The Compendium offers information, guidelines and research results on the proper use of adhesives in conservation. As an easy reference on an exhaustive range of adhesives, it is an invaluable asset for conservation professionals and students alike.

  • Updated Framework for Preserving Heritage Collections Poster

    CCI is delighted to announce that the updated Framework for Preserving Heritage Collections poster is now available for purchase. The redesigned poster is a quick reference tool that contains valuable information for heritage professionals.

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