Our Services

CCI offers a wide range of expert services in the field of heritage conservation, and can provide personalized services to meet specific requirements. Our primary clients are Canadian museums, art galleries, archives, libraries, and historic sites whose primary role is to acquire, conserve, research, communicate, and exhibit (for purposes of study, education, and enjoyment) permanent heritage collections that are accessible to the Canadian public. They are eligible for all of our services, and receive most of them free of charge. Other organizations and public authorities in Canada are eligible for most services, on the basis of partial or full cost recovery. Private-sector clients in Canada and international clients are eligible for only select services, which are provided on the basis of full cost recovery.

Demand for CCI services generally exceeds our capacity to deliver them. To ensure our services are allocated in a manner that is consistent and transparent, we assess all requests against a set of criteria that include the significance of the object or collections, the broader benefits to the heritage community, and the equitable distribution of services across Canada.

Before requesting a service from CCI:

CCI services can be requested online.