There is a growing need for collections care and conservation training that offers flexibility and a multidisciplinary approach. Our conservators and scientists work together to bring unique and specialized training to the field of conservation. We deliver both general as well as highly advanced training that covers a wide range of disciplines. Workshops are usually two days in length and are designed to be as interactive as possible.

Preservation of Collections

Conservation Techniques

Planning and Management Processes


Permanence of Artists' Materials

  • Paintings and Works of Art on Paper

Aboriginal Organizations

Archaeological Conservation

CCI's Commitment

The dissemination of conservation information is an important part of CCI's mandate, and these educational activities are an essential means of meeting this requirement. They allow the Institute to share the results of current research and conservation practices with you, the heritage community, while simultaneously learning about your emerging needs and concerns.

The Institute is committed to the ongoing development of these modules based on expressed community needs, demand, and research. One key component of this commitment is an open needs assessment to identify unaddressed emerging topic areas for future modules. Another part is the development of educational materials that are practical, easy to understand, and available in both official languages. CCI hopes that the current workshop topics are relevant to your present needs and that the support materials will serve as valuable reference tools for participants upon returning to their own working environments.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Additional information about these workshops is available by contacting CCI directly.